Services: Begin Your Health & Wellness Journey

It’s time to live happier and healthier lives on your terms!

Mind and Body Coaching Services

(3 Options to Meet Your Needs)

I am excited when I help clients begin their health and wellness journey and then they see results. I am your biggest cheerleader! Let's work together.

Results you can expect from working with me:

Mindset shift

Ability to better manage your thoughts and feelings

Emotional Stability

Weight Loss (if desired)

Better self-image


Improved health

More energy

Tools and strategies for lifelong success

I will help you Blossom Into Your Best Self!

Group Coaching

Are you ready to begin your health and wellness journey but want a group for support?

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Sometimes you want to begin your health and wellness journey but you want others with you. If so, let's make it happen. Express your interest in group coaching and get on the waitlist here.

Personal Training

Personal training is a popular choice for clients to begin their health and wellness journey. Let's work together.

I can help you reach your fitness and weight loss goals. Give yourself the gift of peak performance, and surprise yourself with what you can achieve. I personal train customers in and around South Fulton and the Atlanta Area or virtually if you are not in Atlanta.

Power Yoga

Yoga is a great way to begin your health and wellness journey. It combines mind, body, and spirit. Let's work together.

Yoga is for everybody, regardless of level. Typically classes are power yoga; however, the yoga can be tailored to your needs.


“Working with Niesha has also taught me how to work through my feelings. When a feeling of sadness, anger, etc comes upon me, I don’t internalize them anymore. She taught me how to use a Belief Journal and Thought Models to be able to pinpoint why I am feeling a certain way (s) and to help me see what I need to do to channel those feelings and work through them. ” ~Crystal

“It’s been such a pleasure working with Niesha for the last year. She has been such an inspiration contributing to my weight loss with her magnificent Yoga instructions. Dr.Cherry offers great wellness packages that I take advantage of and have lost over 20 lbs the RIGHT WAY! Thank you Dr. Cherry cant wait for our next session!” ~Renee

“I’ve attended NCY classes and each time I leave rejuvenated! My week gets pretty rough, but each time I leave a class, I literally leave all of my worries on the pink mat. Dr. Cherry is patient and assists you in achieving the correct poses without feeling like it’s something you can’t achieve. I’d recommend going to Niesha Cherry Yoga.” ~Tonya

“I expect professionalism and that is exactly what I receive when Dr. Cherry teaches me at my one on one yoga classes. Weekly yoga classes is exactly what I didn’t know I needed. Participating in the group classes is also fun and she makes time to correct my poses. Although I enjoy her classes as a whole I especially appreciate her encouragement and helpful tips. Thank you Dr. Cherry for everything. I wish you nothing but the best! The world needs to witness your positives vibes and energy! I am so excited about participating the 90 Day Healthy Lifestyle Challenge group. After 2 weeks I am already noticing results! Money well spent! ” ~Shonnie