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15 Day Get Snatched Challenge

15 Day Get Snatched Challenge

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It is time to Get Snatched so that you are not only fine, but most importantly, HEALTHY!

If you are trying to meet your weight loss goals and get a handle on your health, join me for a 15 day Get Snatched Challenge.

I lost 5 lbs and over 9 inches off my body during my first Total Life Changes 15 day challenge.

And do you know why?

Because it’s “da truth”!

And guess what? You can too!

So stop second guessing and join the 15 Day Get Snatched Challenge!

Once you join the 15 day challenge with me, you’ll get 

-TLC’s amazing products via the 15 day challenge kit (NutraBurst, NRG, Iaso detox tea/Delgada Coffee).

-Access to our private Facebook group for community, support, virtual exercise, and more!

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