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Virtual Vision Board Party

🎉 Hey friends! 🎨✨

Join us for a FREE Virtual Vision Board Party on January 28 at 2pm!

🗓️ Grab your boards, magazines, and art supplies for an afternoon of creativity and positive vibes.

Let's set our intentions for the year together! 🌈✂️

RSVP and let the vision board fun begin!

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Virtual Self-Love Journaling Session

Dive into Self-Discovery: Self-Love Journaling Event!

Date: February 25, 2024

Time: TBD (1 hour)

Location: Virtual

Ready to pen down your journey towards self-love?

Join us for a magical evening of reflection, positivity, and connection!

What's In Store:

- Guided meditation to center your thoughts.

- Heartfelt journaling prompts for self-reflection.

- Share your insights in a judgment-free space (optional).

- Embrace self-love and celebrate your unique journey!

Limited spots available! Join Mindful Wellness Haven to get more info and invite friends on this empowering adventure!


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