Your Thoughts Matter

I am sure you have heard the quotes: “Change your thoughts change your life”. Or Change your thoughts and you change your world”. Well, guess what??? They are absolutely true!

Any change you want to make comes from your thinking.

Your thoughts are what shape your mindset. So it is all about what you are thinking and saying in your mind and to yourself. Those subconscious thoughts matter too!

Any time you attempt to make a change with actions, but have not initially worked with your thoughts and mindset about it won’t last! I am sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but it is true. You will use will power to white knuckle your way through but that gets old. You have to make up your mind that the change you are making is worth it and you will do it no matter what because your current situation has to change.

There is no “faking it until you make it” because you won’t make it if you don’t do the mindset work!

And this applies to any and every change you want to make in your life. It could be to lose weight, be a better spouse, save money, be financially free, etc.

So let go of the “fake it until you make it” mentality and do the thought work.

Thought work matters!