This is Dr. Niesha Cherry. She is a mind and body coach, personal trainer, and yoga instructor who  will help you on your health and wellness journey. https://calendly.com/drnieshacherry/consult

Your Health and WellnessJourney Begins!

With Dr. Niesha Cherry, your health and wellness journey begins here. Please be sure to explore all offers and choose the best option(s) for you. Dr. Cherry will help you Blossom Into Your Best Self!

Begin Your Health and Wellness Journey with Mind & Body Coaching

Are you tired of dietingSick of trying to lose the same 10, 20, 30 pounds? Are you confused about where to start to get back on track with your life and/or health because everything is so cluttered? Struggling with your emotions to the point you can’t even focus on your health? Are you experiencing emotional turmoil after emotional turmoil and it is showing up in your weight? If so, I can help! Check out my offers and let’s begin your journey today!

Begin Your Health and Wellness Journey with

Personal Training

Ready to start personal training but not sure where to start? Sign up for a complimentary consultation so that we can discuss the best options for you to reach your goals. Let me help you begin your journey by tailoring the best workouts for your needs!

Begin Your Health and Wellness Journey with Power Yoga

Yoga is for EVERYBODY, regardless of age, size, level of flexibility, etc. Feel free to learn to practice yoga, or deepen your practice with Dr. Niesha Cherry. Classes are typically power yoga; however they can be tailored to your needs. Feel free to choose virtual or in person yoga.

What People Are Saying….

Coaching on Demand

“I found a Gem!!! Meeting Dr. Cherry virtually was a true blessing!!! She graced the stage sharing her passion and I was all in. Most importantly she quickly identified that until my mental health was solid then everything else I attempted would be 10 times harder! She’s the “Cherry” on top! She has Blessed my life tremendously!!!” ~Kim P.

Accountability Coaching

“I enjoyed the format of checking in to review if I did what I said I would do and if not exploring why. I also enjoyed setting clear intentions. Lastly, I LOVED Niesha’s personality. She was so relatable and I felt like I had known her for years on our first call.” ~Cledra G.

Signature Mind & Body Coaching

“Having a partner on the same journey makes it easier to conquer the hard parts a long the way.” ~Mareka W.