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Dr. Niesha Cherry

Owner, Coach & Certified Instructor

The hardest struggle I had endured was processing the loss of my mother from her battle with cancer. Before she passed she had instilled in me the fact she was not “losing” this fight, she fought to the very end and was at peace with her outcome. It took me several years but through pursuing my passions and talent, I finally found the peace she talked about in the final moments we had together. I make it my personal mission to show, and empower, women to pursue peace of their own, all while guiding them on my proven path.

Mind & Body Coaching

We take the time to sit down and discuss the troubles preventing you from reaching your goals.

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Accountability Coaching

Together we assess the progress on your goals as established in our initial consultation!

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Private YogaTraining

Typically our sessions are power vinyasa yoga but I always make sure to tailor the session to you.

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Zen With Friends

From beginner to advanced yoga, this is an experience to share with your friends in a 90 minute session!

Total Mind, Body, & Health Transformation

Shop from our selection of handmade scrubs, oils, and, and spa kits that will elevate any quiet evening and soothe the senses. When it comes to health and wellness, our experienced professionals are a wealth of knowledge and will be happy to answer any of your questions. Our services are tailored to each individual so they can achieve their goals since we understand every situation is unique.

Dr. Niesha Cherry Mind &
Body Coach Reviews

See how a few of my clients have already benefitted from making that essential lifestyle change in pursuit for all around better health!

Kimberly Paster

Coaching on Demand

“I found a Gem!!! Meeting Dr. Cherry virtually was a true blessing!!! She graced the stage sharing her passion and I was all in. Most importantly she quickly identified that until my mental health was solid then everything else I attempted would be 10 times harder! She’s the “Cherry” on top! She has Blessed my life tremendously!!!”

Cledra Gross

Accountability Coaching

“I enjoyed the format of checking in to review if I did what I said I would do and if not exploring why. I also enjoyed setting clear intentions. Lastly, I LOVED Niesha’s personality. She was so relatable and I felt like I had known her for years on our first call.”

Mareka Wilcox

Mind & Body Signature Coaching Package

“Having a partner on the same journey makes it easier to conquer the hard parts a long the way.”

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